Top 10 Social Media Tips for 2014


1. You must have a plan of attack before you plan to attack social media. It’s not enough for you to want to do social media and say I’ll try Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube, or Google plus, or LinkedIn, or HootSuite, or any other social media sites –it just doesn’t work that way!

Have a written plan that shows which social media you will use, how often you will use them, when you use them, and why.

2. Start with the basic marketing discussion to yourself: which of my customers uses social media? How often do they use social media? Which ones are they using? Why do I think they use a particular social media sites over others? Who are their customers, and how often do they engage them with social media?

3. Assuming that my customers or prospects use Facebook, are they using just personal or both business and personal? If they are using just personal, would the use of a business Facebook page for my company makes sense? Are my customers putting business information or nonsense on their personal page? What type of business information are they putting on their business page? Can I share or forward their information to my potential customers to both help them and make myself look good?

4. In terms of Linked In, are my customers only on the personal portion of LinkedIn, or do they also have a business page or company page as well? How often do they use it? Where do they put most of their posts? Is my personal profile 100% complete? Do I have recommendations and testimonials, as well as endorsements on my profile? Do I have too much stuff on my profile that has nothing to do with business? For example, the classes you took in college 45 years ago–will they really make a difference? Or does the person just need to know my bachelors or Master’s degree? And do they really need to know the date I graduated high school and college? Probably not!

5. Regarding Twitter–do my potential clients and customers use it actively, and will it help me gain followers and ultimately clients? Do I understand how to use Twitter to engage in meaningful conversations? Or am I just using it to constantly promote myself–a definite no-no! About Twitter chat–learn how it works, and how to engage people on it. Make sure I follow people within my industry on Twitter, and reply to their tweets with relevant insights and data.

Don’t just follow everyone, and don’t just follow everyone who follows me. Make sure I have a defined purpose for linking up with them on Twitter.

6. Regarding YouTube. Create for myself a YouTube channel. Post relevant content on a timely basis every week, not necessarily every day. My YouTube posts should be no more than 1 min. long, and contain interesting ideas about how my business helps other businesses. The key is EDUCATIONAL CONVERSATIONS that help people, not sell them!

7. The new buzz for the month seems to be Google plus and Google chat. I need to learn how to work these to my advantage. Add people within my networking and industry groups to my circles. Keep my conversations short and to the point. Again, this is education, not direct selling.

8. While Pinterest seems to be the latest and greatest, to this writer, it seems to be the fad of the moment. Pictures of recipes, hobbies, and other non-business interests may make, for some people, the thing to do–most of the people I am following will not make my business grow. Oh, it’s nice to know that they have these hobbies–but I have too many things to do at the present time to follow each person that adds me. Basically, the jury is out on Pinterest.

9. Plan to link all of the above social media sites using HootSuite. You can have up to five social media sites connected to HootSuite at no charge. For more than five, get a commercial account for $9.95 per month. It is well worth it. When I want to post to the above sites, I do it once on HootSuite, set the date and time I want it to post, and press share. It’s like that old television commercial–” just set it and forget it!”

10. Again don’t forget–have a written plan for two reasons: 1) so you don’t forget what you need to do and when you need to do it, and 2) so you don’t engage in the typical” social media plan of the month”!

Reece Franklin is a Certified Social Media Marketing Manager and business consultant to Boomer and senior businesses. He can be reached at or to seniors. To contact Reece directly, e-mail him at or call 909-841-0527.



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